Sunday, March 8, 2009

Facing up...

I've finally gone public with my face. I know in this Facebook crazy world and reality obsessed TV putting your mug out there for the world to see is no big deal. Sheesh, the stuff people post on YouTube and on their personal pages amazes me daily. So I don't know why, exactly, it took me so long to 'face up'. But it took me quite a few months to even put my first post up on Verla Kay's Blueboards even though I'd been lurking for months. So taking about a year and a half to add an avatar isn't so surprising. Still, it's kinda like showing up for school in neon pink pajamas or something after you've been a quiet, stay in the background wall flower for the first few years. Not sure I'm comfortable with being a little bit less anonymous. I know I shouldn't worry. The writers I've met on the internet so far have been amazing and since I know so many of their faces it's only fair for me to step away from the curtain myself now. So, hello there everybody! This is my face. You can't tell but it's blushing. The embarrassment will go away soon I hope.

Now, if I could just figure out what name I will, hopefully, be published under one day I'd reveal that too. But I change my mind daily on that one. My real name is a bit unusual and I've always had issues with it so not sure I'll keep it or use a nom de plume. Then again, the cursed name is like a badge of honour with me now - didn't even change it when I got married. So for all its baggage, I may stick with the damn thing. Sigh. If parents could only understand what trauma they inflict on their children by the simple act of granting a name...


  1. Just three hours ago I was wondering what you look like - now I know! You have a lovely face and a downright gorgeous smile which made me smile when I came back to your blog to see it - and it's always nice to have your blog followers smiling first thing, right? :)

  2. Hi Martha! You are very sweet - and you're right about smiles - I know you have a truly genuine one. Love the picture of you on your web page (and your web page too). Thanks for making me feel a little less weird about putting my face out there. I'll get used to it one day!

  3. You know, now that I think of it, I have an avatar on Facebook, but not on my blog or on the blueboards. I guess maybe I should join you in the face-off. ;0)

    Maybe I'll try to do that today. Thnx for the inspiration. :0)


  4. Hi, Christy! LOL on the 'face-off'! But, seriously, if I can 'face' the world anybody can. Looking forward to 'seeing' you at Verla's.