Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Hockey Mom Prayer

Fall has not quite officially started but hockey season for The Boy already has. Opening game of the season is tonight and as I prepare for the onslaught of games, practices, tournaments, traffic, bad coffee, stressed parents, dinner in the van and other crazy that is the hockey parent/child life, I wrote a little prayer to get me (and any other hockey mom's and dad's!) through the next eight months.

My Hockey Mom Prayer

May I find the best route to the hockey arena in rush hour traffic. May there not be any road closures, beginner drivers or other stressed out hockey parents in my path.

May The Boy have remembered all his equipment. May I hold my incredulous yell of frustration back when we're running late and he tells me that he MIGHT have left his hockey gloves on the floor back home.

May I find the grace not to scream at an opposing player who has just elbowed my son in the head.

May I find a spot in the arena that is actually under a working heater.

May I not get sick of Tim Horton's coffee, bagels, sandwiches and Timbits in the next eight months.

May I try, for once, to just enjoy the game and not get stressed out and embarrass my son by screaming in the third period "Jesus, Mary and Joseph! SKATE!!!!!!!"

May I have the right words to comfort and encourage him when he has a bad game and the exuberance to celebrate with him when he has a good one.

May I remember that he loves this freezing, time-consuming, money-sucking sport and that he is a thing of beauty when he skates.

And, most of all, may I remember that his childhood is passing all too quickly and that, one day, I will actually miss the all the time we spent in the van hustling back and forth between arenas. One day I will wish for that time back so let me hold it in my memory as long as I can because it is flying away from me, faster than my son on hockey skates.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Blog Post – Why Doubting Your Writing Can Be a Good Thing!

Just a quick note to let y'all know that I'm guest posting on Cheryl Rainfield’s blog (http://cherylrainfield.com/blog/) where she was kind enough to let me muse on something all writers go through – doubting their writing. Do you doubt yourself/your writing sometime? Let me know how you deal with it.

Hope you can drop by for a visit!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4th - Celebration Day!

Hello poor neglected blog! It has been a summer of de-stressing and recovery after a year (and more!) of house reno madness so the poor neglected blog has been, well, poor and neglected!

But September has arrived and with it a hint of fall (my favourite season) and so many things to celebrate.

First, my little baby, whom I fondly refer to as THE BOY, turns 13 today. No longer a boy, not quite a man, still, always and forever my baby. Though my baby is taller than me now! Here we are at the cottage this summer. Happy Birthday, baby!

Next thing to celebrate? Two of the nicest writers on the planet have their book birthdays today too!

Debbie Ohi's 'I'M BORED' releases today!

Debbie illustrated this book with Michael Ian Black writing and I'm SO looking forward to the launch at Type books later this month. Debbie is one of the friendliest, loveliest writers (and illustrators!) I've had the pleasure of meeting. She was the one who got me on Twitter (she's SUCH a convincing speaker! :) and has been one of the guiding lights of Torkidlit. She deserves all the accolades this book is getting so what are y'all waiting for? Go order a copy now!

Speaking of lovely writers, one of the first people I met on Twitter was the lovely Linda Grimes. She is nothing short of HILARIOUS. And kind. And sweet. And wicked funny. Her book IN A FIX comes out today too! Yay for Virgo birthdays! Here's the cover

With an endorsement by one of my favourite authors Diana Galbadon! Not too shabby for a debut, eh?

Go forth and order now!

September is shaping up to be one birth-tastic month! Now ... where're the cakes?