Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Reasons Why October's My Favourite Month

1. September is always crazy, awful busy and I'm pretty much glad to see the end of it.
2. No humidity! My hair always looks better ;).
3. The changing colour of the leaves - the best part of the month!
4. My wedding anniversary. At least once in a year the hubby and I actually go out for dinner as a couple not a family.
5. Indian summer - the most wonderful sun, warm days and cool nights. Perfect weather - except it only lasts a week or two.
6. Canadian Thanksgiving. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie. Bliss.
7. Cutting the grass for the last time until spring.
8. Warm sweaters and leather boots.
9. Fall TV shows are all back.
10. Only two months left till Christmas!!!!


  1. Well, there's lots of humidity here in Syracuse---rain, rain, rain. And I love it! October is my favorite month, too!

  2. Hi Amber! Bummer on the rain and humidity. Maybe the beginning of our favourite month may not be a great start weather wise but just think of the lovely fall clothes we get to wear now!