Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road Trip

Just a short post today because I'm about to head off this afternoon on a bus trip with 16 ten year old boys to a hockey tournament in Sudbury for four days. Yes. You heard that correctly. Hockey trip. Sudbury. In DECEMBER. Me. What's wrong (besides everything) with this description?

I checked the weather and, of course there's snow squalls over much of central Ontario with all the wind and snow we've been having the last couple of days. And Sudbury's going to have the balmy temperature of - wait for it - minus 11 degrees Celcius.


So I'll be away from the blog, twitter, email, the blueboards, my comfy bed. Ack. Think of me when I'll be sitting at a freezing hockey arena at 7 am tomorrow morning cheering my baby boy on. The only positive? I hope to pile on some words in the WIP on that 4 1/2 hour bus ride. If there isn't a game of mini-sticks going on in the aisle, that is.


  1. Hey! That's where I'm from! Hope you enjoy the great weather we're having!

  2. Hey, TerryLnn: Hey Sudbury Girl - Love Science North! But as to weather - I'm definitely used to milder weather in southern Ontario now. I am a Northern girl though! Born in Geraldton but my family moved away from Jellicoe a little logging village two hours east of Thunder Bay when I was five.

    I survived the hockey tournament - the Sudbury Silver Stick is a well-oiled machine!