Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Geez. That sounds like a wicked, hot Harlequin romance doesn't it? Well, sorry to disappoint but I'm not going to write a post about writing today. This last month has been such a whirlwind of being out there talking about ILLEGALLY BLONDE (and I don't mind it!) that the overwhelmingness of the promo side of things has worn me down a bit - and I really didn't even do that much! But the head cold from hell still lingers and I've decided - and my horoscope agrees - that I'm taking some much needed me time to relax more this month. As much as a working mom with 3 kids can relax. Which got me to thinking about what it is I do for relaxation. Specifically, what is it I do that - even though it relaxes me - that I'm just not that proud of. I'm telling you right now, it's not healthy. No morning jogs, or evening swims. Nothing that I can point to proudly and say, "Not only does it relax my mind, it improves my body." I wish.

So, are you ready for my confession? *Deep breath* Here goes:

I read trashy gossip magazines like the National Enquirer and each copious amounts of junk food when I doing it (preferably Humpty Dumpty bar-b-q potato chips or peaunut M & M's. If I'm really in a sleezy mood both at the same time)

That' right. I admit it. I'm a closet (well, I've just outed myself here) trashy magazine reader. There's just something about reading celebrity gossip that makes me feel all relaxed inside. My favourite issues usually have pictures of the celebs in their bathing suits with their eyes blocked out and arrows pointing to cellulite thighs and beer bellys. Is it my subconscious pulling me towards the magazine stand and telling me, "See, you're not in that bad a shape. Look at that actress right there."

So, I'll fork over the more than five bucks for that throwaway mag and snuggle down into a comfy chair (or if I'm at the cottage, the hammock) with a favourite junk snack and spend a mindless hour devouring mindless gossip. It's relatively cheap entertainment and a sure fire way to de-stress. I think more people should try it actually :)

So, what's your guilty pleasure (keep it rated G people!)


  1. I'm a little too embarrassed to actually buy those scandal rags, but I've been known to pick the longest line in the grocery store so I surreptitiously peruse them while I wait. Yes, I know this is hypocritical. I've come to terms with it.;)

    My guilty pleasure is junk candy and trashy books. Not that I don't appreciate quality confections and fine literature, but there's just something so mentally relaxing about reading a book with no redeeming moral value while munching on Tootsie rolls and Starburst.

  2. Reality TV! Yup, I've watched it all.

    It started back when Survivor was new on the scene and I tried to rationalize it is bearing witness to some sort of social experiment that offered deep insight into the human condition. But it quickly degenerated into American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance and then I hit rock bottom with The Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, The Bachelorette and even - gasp - The Celebrity Apprentice.

    I'm not proud but there it is.

  3. A nice glass of wine and a night out with friends. That's my guilty pleasure. I probably shouldn't feel guilty about that, but you know, it just goes with being a Jewish mom. :)

  4. Linda: Trashy books are a must - especially with candy!

    Hi Sara! Uh, I should feel guilty about watching those shows? I must admit, I love the Biggest Loser, SYTYCD and ANTM. NOT going to feel guilty about that too. Nope!

    Hi Lisa: I'm a Portuguese mom - guilt is in our genes too! But wine and friends - don't feel guilty about that - it's as necessary air!

  5. I love a good trashy celebrity magazine every once in a while. Definitley a guilty pleasure!