Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is the Gut Always Right?

I have to make a decision soon. It's not life or death or anything, just something that is not clear cut in my mind. So, like I do when I'm figuring something out I research the hell out of it and make a mental list of pros and cons. I'm a Capricorn and I'm a very practical, linear, and (mostly) logical person when it comes to matters of career or finance or day to day matters. So this decision is not based on emotional commitment or family/friend related matters which should make for a very clear cut decision then, right? Um... not so much.

For the first time I'm listening more to my gut than my brain. I feel more that I should go one way even though, logically, my brain is telling me I probably should go the other way. But I keep remembering the last time I made a decision where my gut was telling me "Uh, Nelsa, maybe you should hold up there a bit. Think on it a little more." But my brain said, "This is an opportunity you need to take advantage of now." I regret that decision now although it didn't result in a disaster or anything. Just a general feeling that maybe I should have listened a little more to my emotional radar rather than the intellectual one.

I wonder if my gut now is just mirroring my natural worry and anxiety of making a decision that will take me down a different, unknown route - maybe my gut wants to play it safe? But I really don't think that's it. I should be excited about the decision - it's all right to feel nervous, anxious even but ... a gut level feeling that this is not right for me when all logic is telling me otherwise? I think I need to listen to that.

Maybe I need to follow my gut this time and see where pure feeling takes me. How about you guys? Do you always trust your gut? Or does logic win out every time?


  1. I'm definitely a logic over gut person probably because, as you wrote, I worry over every little possibility.

    Really, I think what you should do depends on how good your instincts are. And since you regret that previous time, maybe you should rely on it.

    Good luck and no worries : )

  2. I think sometimes gut is right on as long as you analyze the emotions behind it and it's not low self confidence triggering it. But gut instinct is pretty powerful. Good luck making your decision. Def. talk to people too!

  3. Put yourself in the future and try and imagine which way you would regret not going or trying- I always think being adventerous and maybe things not going the way you would hope is better then not trying- ( glad I found your blog on the blue boards-

  4. Hi JE: I'm definitely leaning towards the gut this time. Thanks for the support!

    Hi Laura: Oh, I've talked to several people, one of whom is a close friend who has a better emotional radar than I do. I value all the advice and support I've gotten. I just wish it was someone else's decision!

    Hi Julia! So glad another blueboarder has stopped by :) I'm definitely focussing on what I want my goals to be and what I want for the future. That helps alot in the decision making process.