Monday, July 18, 2011

Goals and Public Accountability

Well I'm back from vacation, have dumped the kids on my parents for ten days, and I suddenly find myself with TIME on my hands. Time? Time? Whah?? *cue Nelsa wandering aimlessly around wondering what to do with herself*

After the shock wears off I will realize that while I have some time NOW, there isn't a lot of time before September hits and the crazy of my life begins again. This is akin to those ticking clocks in the movies where you know a bomb is about to go off and the hero has only a certain amount of time to save the world. While I don't have a world to save I do have A LOT of unfinished projects I've been ignor - uh, waiting for the right time to get to them. So, no time like the present, right??

So, what does this mean? It means giving myself a good kick in the butt to get some things accomplished that's what! And here's where a good dose of public humiliation - uh, accountability - comes in.

There are 7 weeks until the beginning of September. Not a lot of time to get things done but that's why they call things a challenge, right? I am here to publicly vow the following:

1. I WILL finish my revision by September 1st and be ready to query it in the fall.
2. I WILL lose ten pounds by September 1st (no more potato chips this summer dammit!! I will also be stepping on that bathroom scale every morning now - no avoiding the horror any longer.)
3. I WILL go through all the boxes and cupboards and general JUNK we have carted with us at the rental and organize it for a yard sale.
4. I WILL clean up the towering piles of paper in my office. Shred and file will be my favourite words.
5. I WILL get my wonky back straightened out. Doctors, chiro, physio, exercise - whatever it takes. I'm tired of seizing up like an old car.

Okay. Five's enough. I'm already daunted by the prospect of what I have to do. Losing those 10 pounds seems the most impossible task of all. Gah.

But now that I've put it out publicly in the universe I can't take it back. Stampsies no erasies.

Oh. Thought of one more.

6. I WILL forgive myself if I don't accomplish all these goals. (Everyone needs a Plan B, okay??)

How about you? Do you prefer to keep your goals to yourself or is a little public shaming a big motivator?


  1. LOL! Worthy and honorable goals, every one of them.

    I like #6 best. ;)

  2. I usually tell people my goals to make myself more accountable. It works for me. Well, except for once when I set an impossible goal. I had to face some public shame, so good for you to have a plan B.

  3. Hi Linda! A woman after my own heart! Notice I did not say my diet would eliminate wine or beer. :)

    Hi Kelly! Now I'm curious about what your impossible goal was. And Plan B's are essential in my life!

  4. Found you over on Verla Kay's. Nice to meet you, Nelsa.

    I'm all for public goals and accountability. Just putting them in writing helps, too. Best wishes. Keep us posted as to your progress. If you need a whip crack every once in a while, let me know. I'm good at that! My husband has lost 8 pounds in three weeks. No potato chips. Just eating healthier and exercising.

  5. Hi Angelina! I recognize your avatar from Verla's boards. Nice to meet you too! And I'm totally impressed at your husband's weight loss. I'm telling myself most of what I have to lose is water retention (yeah, right :) But if a few pounds come off quickly I'm happy to take it!

  6. You can do it! I'm glad you put #6 in there because it's great to have goals, but we need to be a little bit forgiving with ourselves, too. Good luck!

  7. Thanks, Anna! I've made very small inroads on Goals 2 and 4. Hope to start tackling the others this weekend. :)

  8. Hey Nelsa! Most excellent goals, I say. I am all for goals and public accountability! You GO, man. Oh. Maybe we should join you? lol.

    The hubby and I are moving, so the JUNK and paper office has to take care of itself.

    Me too on _no_ chips...or cheezies (I lub them). The other thing I have been cutting way down on is bread.

    Writing goal, is to finish the prewriting of HAPPY MEDIUM and start the writing writing by end of July and crappy first draft by August's end. And start sending out queries for a picture book of mine...