Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Fabulous Things

We've been having super, incredible good weather here in Toronto this week which puts everyone, including me, in a great mood already but my mood has been given even more of a jump start by some other fabulous things that have happened this week on top of the warm, sunny temperatures we've been enjoying.

First Fabulous Thing: I Got My Very First Editorial Letter

This is a significant event for me in my publishing journey. I'd been fretting about what it might say. Wondering if I could tackle whatever suggestions were thrown my way. Worrying about doing the revisions well so I wouldn't disappoint my editor or the publisher. My editor who shall from now on be known as the Fabulous Anita, tried to allay any concerns prior to me getting the letter. She is not only an editor but a very talented author herself and can see life from both sides of the fence. So she knew I was probably angsting over it and reassured me that it would not be as horrible as I feared. And, as I will probably say many times in the future, she was right.

All her suggestions were things I'd been thinking about in some way, shape or form since I'd last touched the book (wow, it's been about a year since I'd last tweaked Illegally Blonde). Mostly clarifying the relationship between my heroine and one of the secondary characters so that plot line is better resolved by the end of the book, some consistency in character motivation and some tightening of potential plot holes. Just doing things that deepen and tighten the book overall to make it stronger, better, more satisfying. She provided her comments with clarity, reasoning and sensitivity. I feel very much part of a team that is working to make IB a book of which I'm already proud even moreso. Thanks, Anita, I hope I deliver with as good a revision for you as your editorial letter was for me.

P.S. It was also quite illuminating to see some of the crutches I use in writing (nicely pointed out, of course). Like an embarassingly heavy tendency to rely on italics and … ellipses in my writing. Oi. But I love the advice I was given: Be confident in your words. Allow the reader to 'hear' the voice and inflection on their own. So very, very true.

Second Fabulous Thing: Important Progress in my WIP
I spent an hour outside in the sunshine, tanning my legs while writing a very key scene in the wip. I've not yet reached the climax but I feel things are building nicely, I'm really starting to understand the deep emotional motivations of my characters (especially Kyle who'd been giving me some problems. He was keeping himself to himself a little too much throughout the writing of the book and with this scene just written has opened himself up to both me and Abby, the heroine). This scene was so crucial that now, when I go back to do a first pass revision I will be able to layer so much more into the two main characters interactions than I'd been able to before. It may be too 'talky' a scene right now and may need to be tightened but it is honest and heartfelt at its core. And that is gold to a writer.

Plus my legs are not as sickly white as they were this morning. Bonus.

Third Fabulous Thing: So You Think You Can Dance Premiere's Tonight!!!
Honestly, this may be almost more momentous than the first two things - but only if I can find a dancer to cheer on. Last year it was Mark Kanemura. Sigh. LOVED his dancing. I even bought tickets to the tour when it came through Toronto. My girls and I even waited after the show to meet Mark!!! Total fan girl, am I. And proud of it, too.

My girls and I had a complete blast watching this show last year and we are all primed for another season. Poor hubby and son will have to tolerate us for the next few months while we obsessively watch every week and check YouTube for rewatching of our favourite dances.

Yes, I know. I have no life.

So there you go. Here's to great weather, great editors, progress in writing and more awesome, mindless entertaining TV. Sigh. Life is good.

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