Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Bugs, Books and Summer at the Cottage

Canadians love their summers. No question. I mean with the winters we have to deal with, why wouldn't we? So I guess that's why we ignore silly little inconveniences like biting black flies, vampiric mosquitoes, nasty-ass deer flies (I truly, truly hate those buggers), daily dumpages of rain and temperatures below 20 degrees Celcius and still call it the first week of summer at the cottage. And repeat the experience every year.


So, I guess you can tell that we didn't have the greatest week weather-wise to start off the summer. But when all else, especially weather fails, you still have the books. Thank God for the books.

I read Along for the Ride (classic Sarah Dessen and I loved it), Wake (Lisa McMann is a compelling writer and I loved her concept) and I began Little Brother (so far fascinating). Hunger Games is still waiting for me as are a slew of other books. Even The Boy spent time away from video games to read The Invention of Hugo Cabret (what a fabulously beautiful book but don't drop it on your foot) and he loved it.

So, even though the weather didn't quite co-operate, our first official week of Canadian cottage vacation was definitely not a write-off (ha! writing pun!). Somehow the bug bites don't seem quite as itchy when you get lost in a good story. Who needs Afterbite when you have Sarah Dessen??

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