Thursday, June 25, 2009

Graduation Day, End of School, Summer Book Reading Time is Here!

One week left of June and I am so ready for vacation. I find this month to be almost as hectic as December with all of the extra, beyond the already crazy regular routine that is our daily lives throughout the school year.

But this month I found June especially nuts. Maybe it was because Daughter Two graduated from Grade 8. So much effort and planning for a couple of hours in a sweltering hot gym. But she looked beautiful, delivered her valedictorian speech with style and panache and received other awards and kudos as well. So proud of her!

But June also is busy just because you're running around at work trying to finish off things before you go on vacation (two more days!!) and you have to get end of year presents for teachers, bus drivers, as well as kids (for making it through another year)… gah! It's Christmas without the snow.

But the good thing is I can look forward to a week at the cottage with a whole pile of books. They were ostensibly bought for my daughters but I'm looking forward to reading: Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride; Cory Doctorow's Little Brother; Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games, Lisa McMann's Wake, Julie Kraut Slept Away; and about five more YA summer beach reads that have romance, summer camp and other light, fun topics that will be a pleasure to dive into. Bliss!

See you in July!

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