Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June??? Already???

I can't believe we're halfway into 2009 already. I think I'm so surprised because it's been a busy first half of the year and if June is anything to go by the second half will be just as busy.
For this month alone I've got a gazillion day job meetings already scheduled, my revisions to IB due, Daughter 2 is graduating from Grade 8 (much preparatory time spent in getting ready for end of year parties, shopping, hair, make-up etc.), various skating tests and track meets that are not part of the regularly scheduled sports events that already take up way too much time, music concerts, special meetings at school, judging for the TRW contest, TRW meeting, cleaning up of house (that is getting rid of clothes and sundry other items that are taking up too much space), and I'm sure a slew of other things I can't remember right now. Yikes. I didn't even think about finishing the WIP. And I'm sooo close to finishing the first draft. Only a couple of chapters to go. Good thing I've got a week's vacation coming up at the end of June. I'll need it.

But after a May that felt like it dragged quite a bit (Mercury retrograde is now over!) I'm not surprised to suddenly feel as if everything is going into overdrive. Now if the weather would turn just a tiny bit warmer I'd be a little less harried and a bit more inclined to stop and smell the flowers. If I could find the time to get them planted!

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