Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mid-month Check List

So, sixteen days into June and, despite a rocky start, quite a lot has been accomplished.

Revisions to Illegally Blonde are done and sent to fabulous editor. Now I wait and see if I hit the nail on the head or if I smashed my thumb. If it's the latter, I can handle it. I've gone through enough physical pain in the last month to be able to take anything thrown at me. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make the book the best it can be. I'm not afraid of pain! Well, only if it's a toothache. After a visit to the dentist today indications are that I may see more tooth pain coming my way later - oi! I think I'm having sympathy pains on behalf of my future self right now. But revision pain? That kind I can and will endure. Without drugs even.

Daughter Two has been sent off on her Quebec trip with her grad class for three days. End of year festivities, including backyard party accomplished as well as planting flowers and making sure the place doesn't look like a squatter's camp for the summer. Warning: gushing mom pride about to come: Two's been chosen as class valedictorian based on her written speech! Way to go Two! Love it when my kids are recognized for their written work ;) But grad is next week so it's the last big family thing to do before a week's vacation. I've booked the entire day off to take care of hair, nails and clothing so Two looks fabulous. Of course she just got a serious sunburn yesterday and now has a farmers tan and her dress is strapless. Sigh. Fake tanning lotion, here we come.

Daughter One has just finished her last exam and she's no longer feeling stressed, acting miserable and unpleasant (well, no more so than usual! :) She's looking forward to seeing No Doubt tonight in concert and finally have fun with her life! She plans on reading at least seven books when we're at the cottage so she'll be lovely to hang around with then. One and I are both fighting over reading the next Sarah Dessen book. I'll be nice and let her read it first. Grumble, grumble ...

The Boy made it to the West Conference Track and Field Finals but only finished 8th out of 16 so didn't get to go to City's. But the disappointment was tempered when his Harry Potter League team came in first (for the fourth time) and he won the Harry Potter wand for being most loyal, trustworthy, etc. etc. in the league. Go, Boy, go!

I finally made it to my TRW meeting on Saturday (it's been months since I was able to attend!) and it was a great session on the psychology of characters. But I really used the workshop to analyze my own family. That Birth Order thing really hit home. Daughter Two is a middle child. Can we say "issues"? "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!"

Hubby has whittled down the possible design plans for the renovation to at least four or five he likes. Hopefully, the tinkering with the plans can end soon and the destruction of the toxic house can begin.

Hudson The Dog finally got shaved for the summer and looks silly but cute. He'll enjoy swimming at the Lake in his sleeker, shorter coat. But now we have to worry about him getting sunburn! Him and daughter Two can bond.

There's still a lot to do. I'm a chapter away from finishing the wip. I need to schedule me a pedicure before I head off to the cottage (hey, that is a major priority, okay? My feet are uh-glie right now). I have to judge five entries in my TRW contest (aiming to do that during the week I'm at the cottage). I need to take the van in for a much needed check-up - air conditioning not working. Sweaty, cranky kids on a two hour van drive is a definite driver hazard.

But soon, very soon, all this busyness will fade away and we can go on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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