Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting Back into the Writing Game

Wow, June 1st already. Where has the year gone? For me, the last few weeks have flown by with nothing really concrete to show for it. I've taken a break from writing since I finished the revision to my YA paranormal earlier in May and that was right after I finished my YA contemporary back in October (with a sidetrip to a WIP that led to a dead end - for now). So now on the writing front I'm in the waiting game to see how both these books do. They're out of my hands for now. But that means I have to decide what to pursue next in terms of writing and that's a hard thing to figure out sometimes - especially without a shiny new idea dangling in front of me. I hate being in this limbo time.

It probably doesn't help that the family life is not expected to get any less stressfull over the next few months. As many of you know, my oldest daughter will be prepping to go to university in the fall and we'll have to get her packed and off and started on her new life (sob!!), we're trying to get a major reno started this summer and, most stressful of all, my mom (who lives about 4 hours away) will be undergoing surgery for breast cancer this month. My mind isn't exactly on mapping out my next story, you know? And yet, I know if I don't start writing soon, it will be that much harder to get back into it again. I've always believed that writers need to recharge their batteries and stepping away from writing and doing other things is crucial to creating good writing. But I've never left it for very long. A month at the most. And that's what I'm coming up to now.

I think I fear that somehow I will have forgotten how to write if I stay away from it for too long. That if I do let the personal life take over I will lose the one true discipline I've nurtured in my life. Believe me, I'm not that disciplined in anything else I've attempted but for writing I have started, I have kept at it - even through dark times, raising 3 children and work and family conflicts and books that felt like they were going nowhere - I have continued to write. So then why am I worried about not immediately picking up the pen now? What's holding me back?

Maybe I need a little bit of positive, go forward news from the writing front to get me fired up again. A good writer friend just told me about some news she received that really gave her a boost of confidence. It was just a few words but boy did they fire her up. I think that's what I need. Some sign from the universe that the brain cells I'll fry during the writing process are a worthy sacrifice. The summer will be here soon and we all know that the already slow publishing business will grind to a halt then. Before that happens - and before my personal life completely takes over - I need that little bit of something that will help me get back into the writing game again. For writers it doesn't take much to make us pick up the pen again. But a little good news sure makes that pen lighter.


  1. Nelsa, I hope you get your bit of good news soon! In the meantime, I hope everything works out all right.

  2. You must be feeling like a worry sandwich right now, between your mom's surgery and your daughter heading off to university soon. No wonder it's tough to concentrate on your writing.

    I do understand your concern, though. Inertia can be tough to overcome. It's so hard to know if you need a little more time recharging your writing batteries, or if it's time well-placed kick in the behind.

    Hope you get a boost in the form of good news very soon. :)

  3. Wow, you do have a lot going on. I know when other things are taking up my mental energy, it's awfully hard to be creative. Sending a kid off to college definitely ups the stress levels--even though it is a good and joyful thing, it's still bittersweet. Good luck to your mom with her surgery.

  4. Hi Anna: Thanks so much. I hope so too!

    Hi Linda: I love that term - worry sandwich. That's me all right. I don't think I can go very long without that insiduous 'w' word coming along to spoil my zen. And somehow I know if I need a good swift kick in the behind I know there'll be plenty of friends out there who can provide it! :)

    Hi Ruth: Thanks so much - I'm sure once this month is over and Mom's surgery goes well that will be one less thing to stress over. The daughter going off to college - well, I just better get used to the next four years of long distance stress, huh?

  5. I understand. I don't like being in that limbo either. But before you know it, boom, you'll have a new idea!

  6. Hi Nelsa, I'm from the bb's and just stopped in to wish you the best. Hope your mom's surgery goes well, and you start writing again soon.

    Sharon Van Zandt

  7. Hi Laura: You know what? I just finished writing a couple of new pages for an idea that's been rattling around the back of my head for a while. And they're not half bad! Maybe I'm climbing out of the limbo?

    Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for dropping by and your good wishes. Blueboarders are the best!

  8. I hope your mom turns out okay. It's one thing to work under professional stress, but it's so much harder with personal stress.