Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chaos is about to Descend

So the rest of the kids come back tomorrow night. Not gonna lie, it has been fairly restful while they've been at the grandparents. I haven't had to worry about getting the boy to various sports lessons or summer camps, the girls haven't been at each other's throats in two weeks so the house has been blessedly quiet. Hubby and I have had a (more or less) stress-free relationship (remember, the oldest one is still at home so it hasn't been a complete picnic). All in all, quite nice. So as of tomorrow night that will all change.

Laundry will start accumulating the minute the front door is opened. Dishes will pile sky high. Beds will remain unmade, bathrooms left as if a tornado has ripped through the room, milk will run out in a day and a half (if not sooner), whining will intensify and Advil will be popped in ever increasing dosages.

Sigh. Life will be back to normal. Maybe then I can actually start to write more than a page or so every few days. Chaos and my writing output seem to be symbiotically connected. Or maybe, that missing, messy, noisy tumult that is my family is my muse.

Welcome back kids. Mommy missed you!


  1. Here's to chaos!

    Also, I emailed you but I wanted to say it in public, too--LEGALLY BLONDE rocks! I loved it. Really, it's just a fantastic read. :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one whose kids leave the bathroom a mess. You mean that doesn't improve once they are in highschool?

  3. You need one of those A.I. robots. Haley Joel Osment, drinking problem aside, could probably be reprogrammed to do laundry and school tutoring.

    As someone who used to teach 80 seventh graders a day, I'm just saying all options should be on the table.

    theBrad(verla user)

  4. Linda: I've already said it but it deserves repeating: You Are Wonderful. Thank you so much.

    Hi Laura: HAAHAHAHAHA!! My darling, oh, the joys that await you when your children enter high school. Messy bathrooms are the least of it...

    Hi Brad! Of course I know you from Verla's - and I must say if I had a tenth of your sense of humour I might be facing the impending arrival of my children with a little bit more aplomb. As it is, I've been huddled in a corner wimpering for the last hour...Thank you for your suggestion. Do you have Haley Joel's cell number handy?