Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Blog Post Re-runs

We're about to head off for our two week stint at the cottage so the blog is going to go dark for a while. So in the spirit of summer laziness and because I just don't have the wherewithal to come up with a scintillating post because my mind is filled with pre-vacation, pre-renovation and pre-moving-out-for-a-year plans, I'm leaving you all with a few of my favourite posts from the last year and a half that I've been blogging. These are the posts that, for whatever reason, generated the most hits or searches and for that reason alone, are maybe worth a re-visit or a visit if you haven't seen them before.

Sandra Bullock, Characters and Likeability (I know the reason this one got hits was because everybody's been interested in Sandra this year, however, I do think there is something to think about here in terms of writers developing their protagonists)

Wanting It Badly Enough (This one was based on the idea that you can make it in this crazy publishing business if you add a key ingredient to your success recipe: a bigg wollop of desire)

Virtual Writing - Writing When You Can't Write (Every writer has periods of time when they just can't be sitting in front of a computer or with a pen and paper. But you can still use this time well!)

Why Waiting is Sometimes a Good Thing (Every writer hates waiting. But it's part of the business. Here's why I - the biggest hater of waiting ever - have decided it's not all bad)

Boys, Books and Diary of a Wimpy Kid(I know this post gets hits because everyone is trying to figure out how to get young boys to read. I tried to figure this out using my own ten year old son and one of his favourite series as an example. It was also a really cool experience to get a comment from the author - Jeff Kinney - on the blog post. Too bad I only noticed the comment months later! Lesson learned. Now I have an alert go to my email every time someone comments on the blog. Total techfail.)

Failure Breeds Success - So Says Michael Jordon (Again, it doesn't hurt to have a famous name mentioned in a blog post. But I do think a lot of people are trying to learn something from their set backs and Mr. Jordon had some very good advice we can all learn from.

I Can Haz Writing Process? (This was a blog post done in conjunction with some amazing writers - Tawna Fenske, Cynthia Reese, Kiersten White, Linda Grimes and Sean Ferrell where we all talked about our different writing processess. For some reason, how writers write is an endlessly fascinating discussion for other writers. It is very cool to see how different and similar we all are. But the thing all of us agreed on was you have to choose a process that works for YOU.)

There you have it. Some blog post re-runs to get you through until we return to our regularly scheduled blog line-up. See you in a few weeks and enjoy your summer!


  1. Happy vacation!

    Thought you might find this funny.

    My recounting a family vacation not long ago.

    Have fun!
    theBrad (verla tag)

  2. Thanks, Brad! I'm going to have to check your link out before we head off. Hopefully it won't scare me too much in spending two weeks with my kids!

  3. I'll check out the links. Have a great vacation.