Monday, August 30, 2010

Serial Monogamist or Playing the Field?

When it comes to reading books I've always been a serial monogamist. One book at a time and faithful to that book until I hit The End. I rarely ever strayed, never feeling the need to dip my toe into other books while I was still being faithful to the one I started. But lately, things have changed. I don't know whether it's a product of the erratic life I'm leading - running from one thing to another, packing one thing then being led astray by yet another, whatever it is in the last week I've started THREE books: MOCKINGJAY, THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW. This is not normal behaviour for me!

So, because of this, I'm now feeling distinctly unfaithful and uncommitted when I pick up any one of these books to read these days. Granted, I can't be totally blamed for straying from MOCKINGJAY. I'd passed the 200 page mark and my daughters absconded with it while I was in the middle of packing a closet. Okay, I understood. I wasn't paying it the attention it deserved. It is a book deserving of a full hour upon hour of immersion and I just wasn't giving it that devoted, full-time attention. So MOCKINGJAY strayed to partners that would show it the devotion it required. I'm hurt and feeling guilty for my part in the break up but I totally understand. So, to console my bruised ego, I picked up THE PRINCESS BRIDE. After so many years of watching the movie and falling in love with the story I'd yet to actually read it. Well, how better to console oneself after the first book has left you to immediately go to a book that you've wanted to read for years? And what a book it was! Oh, my William Goldman is a master. I could totally forget MOCKINGJAY (for a time) while in the arms of THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Alas, that too was doomed. While I was downstairs, trying to veg out after a day of exhausted pack and move duties, I was looking through the bookshelf and a mystery I'd been given years ago caught my eye. It was just going to be a casual read. Just a few chapters. It was meaningless time killer. But no. I got hooked.

So I'm now in a twisted three way love triangle with books I don't have time for. How did this happen?? I fear I'm going to have to give them all up for a time so I can make a decision on which one to choose. You see, it's just not in me to play the field. Yup, I'm a definite serial monogamist when it comes to reading.

How about you? One love affair at a time or a few going on all at once? And if it's the latter, how on earth can you keep them all straight?


  1. With reading, I'm like a person with eyes too big for her stomach. I always have several books going. Sometimes this means I'll find a book years later that I never finished, but most of the time I finish up.

    I just finished MOCKINGJAY, and THE PRINCESS BRIDE is one of the funniest books I've ever read.

  2. Hi Caroline: I can imagine the stacks of books by your bed! :) It is kind of fun going from one book to another but I know MOCKINGJAY is calling to me. Now if only my daughters would give it up!

  3. I've always been a book slut, I'm afraid. I usually have at least three going at once (often one is a reread, and one nonfiction), just so I can dip into whatever I'm in the mood for at any given moment. Hubs has mentioned on occasion how glad he is that this aspect of my personality doesn't carry over to my personal life. ;)

  4. Hi Linda: I'm glad you're limiting your promiscuous behaviour to the written word :)

  5. Read the one that interests you the most right now! And don't feel guilty. I always used to finish books, but I don't anymore, not if it doesn't keep my interest. And what better place to be then 3 great books you want to read!