Monday, February 28, 2011

Post-Oscar Recap in Text Messages

Since Daughter One was not home for our annual Oscar love in we had to make do with texting back and forth as we watched the Oscars. I'd been planning on doing a post-Oscar blog post and after all was texted and done, I thought our little exchange kinda summed up the whole show for me. So for those of you who are Oscarholics like I am here's my/daughter One's take on the 2011 Oscar show.

Me: I kinda hope Toy Story 3 would win Best Picture too (after it had won best animated)

Daughter One: How awesome would that be? I don't think we're at that point though. It'll be Kings' Speech or Social Network. Maybe Inception for a long shot.

Daughter One: That was this years "I love you more than Rainbows" (speech). Sasha Gordon you're my dream come true. So precious.

Me: What? What happened? I just got my Oscar feed back! (after my computer lost it)

Daughter One: The guy who won Best Original Short.

Me: Hope his acceptance speech is on YouTube soon.

Daughter One: Yep. It was just the end. Really cute. Love Billy Crystal though.

Me: I love Billy! He should always host!

Daughter One: I agree. I don't like the hosting too much this year. James Franco is being underused.

Me: Or RDJ! (Note from me: Robert Downey Junior for those of you who don't shorten their text messages)

Daughter One: Ooooh. RDJ would be amazing!

Me: Wouldn't he be though? Start a Facebook campaign. I wish u were here to do the Oscars with me. You're the only one who appreciates how awful and wonderful they are.

Daughter One: He'd be awesome. And maybe I'll come next year when we actually have a TV.

Me: Okay. It's a date. 55 Inch TV baby!

Daughter One: Deal!

Me: I have eaten nothing but various types of cheese tonight. With a smattering of Crunch n Munch.

Daughter One: Oh my goodness. Explain what Munch n Crunch is please...

Me: Toffee coated popcorn and peanuts.

Daughter One: Also I'm not too big on the dresses this year.

Me: Strangely the only one I liked was Marisa Tomei's. And worst hair goes to Scarlett Johanssen.

Daughter One: I didn't like it actually. I feel like they all look real fat. Is that bad to say?

Me: Not Jennifer Hudson. She lost 80 lbs!

Daughter One: Yeah. I could tell! But her boobs looked weird.

Me: Cleavage malfunction.

Daughter One: I'm really upset about Gloria Stuart. I hate this part.

Me: She was like a 100. We should all be so lucky.

Me: Love the Lena Horne quote! (Note from me: for those of you who missed it it said: "It's not the load that breaks you down. It's how you carry it." Second favourite quote, Colin Firth: "I have a feeling my career just peaked.")

Daughter One: Yeah. Really nice. Celine Dion is so good.

Daughter One: Hilary Swank has best dress so far.

Me: OMG! I just thought the same thing.

Me: Who won Best Supporting Actress?

Daughter One: Apparently whoever was in The Fighter. Maybe Marisa Tomei? (Note from me: it was Melissa Leo, by the way)

Me: "Listen to your mother!"

Daughter One: Listen to my mother?

Me: That was what the Best Director said who won for The King's Speech.

Daughter One: Oh! Yeah I really liked his speech. Didn't know that was best director.


Me: She's my girl crush!


Daughter One: Love him!

Me: I love him more!

Me: British actors are so eloquent and funny!

Daughter One: You can have Colin if I can have … um think of someone for me.

Me: There is no one else. Ahh, Mr. Darcy!

Daughter One: Oh. Mister Darcy! Called that.

Me: It was Colin's film. But Toy Story 3 was the perfect film.

Daughter One: That's true but you knew it wouldn't win. I decided that I want James Franco. Even though he didn't do anything. :(

Me: Good night my Oscar buddy. I think my blog post tomorrow will be a recap of our text messages back and forth. Seriously. It's a perfect recap.

Daughter One: Haha. It was a good discussion.

And a few random thoughts that didn't get texted:
Worst Dress: Cate Blanchette - it looked like she had warts growing over a breast plate.
Now I really want to see Winter's Bone and Blue Valentine from the clips they showed.
I think Javier Bardem has the most interesting face ever. Just so filled with emotion.
How many changes of dress did Anne Hathaway go through?
Loved The King's Speech audio over the Best Picture video montage.

Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think?


  1. I miss watching with my mom. My husband has no interest in discussing dresses, though it was fun we'd seen The King's Speech just a few weeks before.

  2. Love the texting! :)

    We were visiting our daughter in Norfolk, and so only watched a bit of the Oscars. I'm just happy Colin Firth won Best Actor -- he SO deserved it.

  3. Hi Caroline: Watching the Oscars with someone who appreciates the spectacle makes it loads more fun, that's for sure! My hubby totally doesn't get it. He doesn't like me comparing it to the Super Bowl either. :)

    Hi Linda: I'd give Colin Firth best actor every year if I could! Hope you had a lovely visit with your daughter.

  4. That's great! Thanks for sharing. I didn't watch them this year. I don't watch enough of the movies to be able to enjoy it.

  5. Hi Laura: Ah, I really don't watch it for the movies. It's all about the celebrity and dresses for me ;)