Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrating Cinderella Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer

I'm so thrilled to help my good friend and fellow #torkidlit author Maureen McGowan celebrate the release of TWO (that's right, people, you heard me TWO) new YA books: Cinderella Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer. Now if those titles aren't enough to make you run to your nearest bookstore and grab them off the shelf then the concept of having kick ass heroines save themselves instead of waiting for a prince to do it for them should get your butt in gear (hmm, I seem to be writing in a very 'kick butt' oriented kind of way. I'm already being influenced by the books). Not only do you get characters you'd want your pre-teen and teen daughter to emulate, the reader also get to choose which decisions our heroines must make along the way. Romance, adventure, humour and vampires? What's not to love?

But I have to confess, while I'm very excited about the concepts of these two books and what Maureen has done with them, I'm absolutely thrilled to celebrate the fact that Maureen is the one who wrote them. Anyone who has ever met her knows what a great personality, a wealth of writerly knowledge and a true-blue friend she is but, most importantly, Maureen is a GREAT writer. She's been nominated for the prestigious RWA Golden Heart award twice for two different books. (For those who don't know, RWA is the Romance Writer's of America. Being nominated for the Golden Heart is a very big deal folks.) Now that her first books are out everyone can get a chance to see what so many of us already know: Maureen is a true class act, a very fine writer and these will only be the first of many great stories we can expect from her. I'm always thrilled to celebrate when an author has spent years honing their craft and is finally being rewarded for their patience, perserverance and passion. Maureen has all three in spades (she may suggest her patience is over-rated)and this is a big deal for all who know and love her.

So, yeah, I'm celebrating and I hope you do too. Bring on the Ninja's and the Vampire Slayer's! Maureen's books are out! Whoo-Hoo!!!


  1. lol, celebrating right along with you Nelsa! Just reading Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer and on _my_ I am so enjoying it! Plus, won a copy of Cinderella Ninja Warrior!! She's going to be on my blog at some point, too---so very exited for that, too.

    Just a few more blog reading things to finish up, then off to read about the vamps and Sleeping Beauty!

  2. Hi Deb: Oooh! You lucky thing already reading them! Looking forward to reading your blog post with Maureen! :)

  3. Wow! Those ARE great titles! Love the covers, too. Maureen sounds like a great author and all-around good person. :)

  4. Thanks so much, Nelsa. You are a great friend. :)

  5. Hi Linda: She absolutely is.

    Hi Maureen: Right back at you, girl. :)