Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have I Lost the Blogger/Twitter Love?

I really had to force myself to write this post today. I'm finding that this feeling is becoming much more prevalent with all of my social networking, including Twitter and Facebook. Well, I never really got into Facebook that much but Twitter and doing my blog posts I enjoyed. Just … not so much anymore.

I could just be feeling social networking exhaustion. I could, after almost 3 years of blogging have nothing more to say. More likely, with how busy my life has been lately, I just don't have the time and energy to create a blog every week. I used to blog three times a week, then I went down to two and now I'm down to once a week. That worked for a while but even that once a week posting seems an effort now. So, if I'm not seeing someone as much as I used to, doesn't that tell me something?

I'm also not finding anything new or fabulous out in the internet world these days. Even Twitter seems to be filled with people I haven't had a chance to get to know and, in my attempts to be a good, polite Twitter follower, I've perhaps followed too many people just because they followed me first. A lot of them seem to be using Twitter as an ongoing advertisement for their books. Which is fine. I just don't want to read about it every time I'm on line. Similarly, I used to love Google and would always have a pile of searches on various topics (mostly writing related) that would keep me happily entertained for hours. But it feels like I'm seeing the same old subjects being talked about by a few different people and nothing new is being discussed. Have I really read it all or am I just burnt out and need to step away from the computer for awhile?

I'm hoping it is the latter. Because I don't want to stop after all this time. But stopping cold turkey just makes it all the harder to step back into it when you do decide to come back. For example, I have (had?) an online friend who was very active for a time on blogger and Twitter and then she just dropped out. For over a year I didn't hear from her and then there was a brief little email to a few of her online friends that said 'Hey, how's everything? Hope to hear from you" but, honestly, I didn't feel the connection anymore because of that separation. That's what I feel will happen to me if I step away completely. But I may have to do that. Keeping up with it all is just way too much sometimes.

Am I the only one feeling this fatigue? If you're feeling it, did it hit you all of a sudden or has it been building slowly and what have you decided to do about it?


  1. I definitely hear what you're saying about blogging. I only blog once a week and I enjoy the contact it's brought me, but I feel like I've started to run out of things to say. I also agree that the authors I follow on Twitter spend a little too much time advertising their books and not enough time really connecting. (Of course, I'm guilty of that, too!) I have met some lovely people on Twitter, though, and I feel like I'm just starting to figure it out. It's funny that you say you don't like FB much, because that's the one I like the most, maybe because it feels the most fun and social and there isn't as much "advertising."

  2. Hi Nelsa,
    You're not the only one. In fact, this social-media malaise has been a topic I've seen a number of places on twitter and blogs lately.

    Maybe it's the end of that adrenalin rush? For me, more likely, it's just one more thing "to do" when there are already too many required things.

    Lately I've just been checking in from time to time, reading what catches my eye, and not ever trying to catch up. That would be futile and frustrating.

    Your dog caught my eye as I typed. There's a dog around the corner named Hudson and he looks very similar to your Hudson.

  3. Hi Lena: I do appreciate all the people I've met through online social networking - that's how I met Helene Boudreau and through her all of you lovely Torkidlit people!! But this social network fatigue is definitely getting to me. Don't know why FB and I never connected. I have a mix of writer friends and family friends on there so I guess I'm never sure what I'm supposed to be talking about!

    Hi Mary! Yes, I've read quite a few blogs lately about this fatigue - maybe I've just caught a virus?? And how weird about Hudson! Hmmm, do you live in Toronto? :)

  4. I hear ya! You will lose people if you step away. I blogged a ton at first and had tons of responders, but became discouraged and didn't blog as much and now I feel like I'm pulling teeth to get things going again.

    I think the bottom line comes down to what is most important to you now. If the internet connection is a big deal, then maybe it's worth it to keep it up. If it's getting in the way, then maybe it's ok to lose some connections and concentrate on your craft. For me, concentrating on my craft has won out. Keeping up with the blog/social media became a mock popularity contest to me, and that' not what I need. So I blog from time to time. try to visit blogs when I can, Tweet when I can. But I let my writing be my guide.

    Follow your heart. What's best for you right now?

  5. Hi Nelsa,
    I felt fatigued by it all before I even got started with a blog, Twitter etc. So I decided I would just have a consistently inconsistent blog, and only post when I had something I really wanted to say. Yes, I know that's exactly what you're not supposed to do, but it's the only way I'll ever blog at all, and I do enjoy it when I have the time and inspiration.
    I agree about Twitter. FB though I really like.
    P.S. I've always enjoyed your posts.

  6. It is a Brave New World, and finding how we fit in is an ongoing process. I recognize that we can’t turn back the clock. But it is all right to cut back, make space for things that matter, and take a break to figure out what is comfortable.
    The thing about your blog posts, Nelsa, is that they always had a point, and were never inane. You gave your readers value, which IMO is not typical of the blogosphere or twitterdom. I suspect you probably fear degrading the quality of your contributions. But from what I sense, whichever way you proceed, it will be good.

  7. Hi C.R.! I think I do need to focus on the writing more. It's hard enough to do so when stuff that's going on in my non-writing life gets overwhelming but add in the social networking and my head wants to explode sometimes.

    Hi Jocelyn! I wish I could be as relaxed about it as you. I really dislike my overactive guilt complex I have on just about everything - blogging included! And thanks for the support!

    Hi Mirka! Thank you so much. I do want to write posts that might mean something to someone. I guess I just have to be okay with not posting if I truly do not have anything to say. Eek. There goes that guilt demon biting me in the back again!

  8. I go through phases with blogging especially, but all social media. I started blogging in June 2006 -- so that makes over five years now and this past year I've barely blogged at all.

    My ebbs and floes tend to follow what's going on with my writing and my mood... When all I have is bad news, or good news I can't talk about... then those things are so front of mind I can't think of anything else to blog about so I tend just not to blog. :)

    I'm part of two group blogs right now and one I still love, even though I feel like I'm running out of things to say after 5 years. The other one is only a year old and I'm bored of it. (Oh, did I just say that in public?)

  9. Sometimes I find myself stressing over what to blog about and other times I have a list of topics for the week. It comes in waves. I do find myself sometimes thinking I've been ignoring twitter and facebook, too. I think we all go through this.

  10. Hi Maureen! Well, I may have lost the blogger love for my blog but I still really enjoy your posts on Drunk Writer Talk! But I hear you about the ebbs and flows so maybe I just have to wait this feeling out.

    Hi Kelly! It's good to hear that I'm not alone in this feeling. I'll try to ride the wave! :)