Friday, February 27, 2009

Buckling down and facing the revision monster...

Okay. Enough already.

I've dithered and dathered. I've picked and pecked. I've gone around and beside and over and under. But I haven't truly dived INSIDE THE BOOK. I can no longer avoid it. I must revise.

My fabulous friend and CP Stephanie has promised me that she'll reach her own writing goal this weekend. She is pumped. I must rise to the challenge. I will do at least fifty pages of serious revision. I will write at least one new scene. I will no longer dabble.

Sigh. I'm scared.

Which is a good sign actually. Most of the good things in my life have come about when I've been absolutely terrified of doing something. It's my internal signal that I have to break through a barrier. That I will be better for doing whatever it is that is making me nervous and, eventually, being relieved I did. Revisions aren't fun but I know from experience that I never regret doing them. So what's stopping me?

Worry about making things worse. Not being able to fix the problem.

So what's making me do it anyway?

Knowing the problem won't go away by itself. The possibility that I just might find the solution if I keep at it long enough. The possibility that I might just make what was once just a really cool idea tangible and complex and entertaining. That one day the book might be read.

And that, alone, is why I face the dreaded revision monster. I'll let you know if I slay the beast or have only given it a flesh wound.

Wish me luck.


  1. I've been avoiding the dreaded revision monster for a good week. It's amazing the household chores that suddenly can't wait any longer when I need to sit down and revise.

  2. Hey, Nora! Thanks for stopping by. I'm sending you good vibes for when you're ready to start your revision battle. I'm hoping the weekend will be a success for me. Gulp.

  3. You worrywart... you can do it, my friend. You are the revision QUEEN. Keep chanting that to yourself... :)

  4. Stephanie! Hey, buddy. Since I can't comment on your blog (WHAT is up with that??)I'll chat with you here. Yes, I'm a worrywart. But I know there are a couple of serious problems with this ms and I am worried I won't be able to figure out how to fix them. I think the biggest one is that I keep changing the backstory of my main character - the incident that is driving her actions. Ya know - her basic MOTIVATION. Why do I keep changing it? There must be something wrong with it. So if her basic motivation changes all the time then her actions do as well. Argh. Must keep trying...
    And how is your writing going? Going to start today or leave it till tomorrow? Good luck!