Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pre-Oscar Anticipation and Predictions

I look forward to the Oscars every year with the same anticipation my husband does for the Superbowl. I've been a faithful fan of the loooong and, I admit it, many times lame award show since I was a little girl. I love seeing the men in tuxes and women in beautiful evening gowns. I love the over-the-top acceptance speeches and the silly musical numbers. I love the embarrassing moments and the sweet ones (like when Louise Fletcher did her acceptance speech in American Sign Language so her deaf parents could know what she was saying). Maybe it's because I thought I wanted to be an actress one day and it was such a fantasy-like setting.

Well, the Oscars are tomorrow and for the first time both my girls are old enough to stay up for the whole show with me. I've even seen 3 of the nominated Best Picture Movies (that is a minor miracle considering the last few years the only movies I've seen in the theatre were the Best Animated nominees). We're going to cozy up with munchies and blankets and critique hairdo's and dresses and groan over embarrassing moments. And love every minute of it ... ahh. I love pointless TV watching sometimes.

So, here are my predictions - even though I haven't seen all the nominees in all the pictures.
Best Pic - Slumdog Millionaire - not because I think it's a brilliant picture although it was entertaining. It's just got that feel good, everybody's pulling for it vibe.
Best Actor - Sean Penn in Milk - he's one of the few major movie stars that makes me forget he's a movie star. He BECAME Harvey Milk. Fabulous performance.
Best Actress - Kate Winslet - just because the Academy is probably tired of giving Meryl Streep Oscars (although she was amazing in Doubt - another major movie star who can disappear into her roles)
Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger. Enough has been said about his performance. He deserves it. Absolutely. I'll be interested to see who accepts for him.
Best Supporting Actress - Honestly, I have no idea. Probably Marisa Tomei but I haven't seen the Wrestler yet but I like the snippets I've seen of her.

And all the others? Whatever. I just hope there's some funny speeches once in a while - I don't want to fall asleep before the end of the show. Staying up past midnight is a big deal for me. I'll be bagged for work the next day but this is a tradition. One I'm pleased my daughters will be participating in. They can poke their old mom in the side once in a while to make sure she stays awake...


  1. OK, now you are blogging about the Oscars... methinks the woman is well and truly hooked on blogging! ha ha!

  2. Hey, the Oscars are serious business woman! But, yeah, the blogging thing is pretty addictive, isn't it? I mean, I wrote in a diary for ten years until the busyness of raising children took over and then the business of writing took over. I hope to contain myself to short posts every couple of days - and I can guarantee that not many of them will be brilliant, thought-provoking masterpieces of blogdom. So, Steph, are YOU watching the Oscars or writing tonight? And why does blogger prevent me from commenting on your blog??!! It's driving me crazy...

  3. Hi Nel,

    I love to watch the Oscars too but I'm not really sure why - maybe the same reason I love movies - a chance to live vicariously. I rarely make time to go to the movies these days but I'm always vowing to change that. Maybe tonight's show will inspire me.

  4. Hey MaryC! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you liked the Oscars - I did. Sean Penn won!! Whoo HOO! And if you get a chance go see Slumdog, Milk or Doubt do it! They're all fantastic.
    Now I'm fizzing out because I got practically no sleep watching that silly show. Ugh. Why do they schedule them on Sundays??