Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple of cool things...

For some reason I missed the announcement of Illegally Blonde when it appeared in Canada's national publishing magazine, Quill and Quire. I'm really happy with this one - especially since it is the 'home' announcement! Here it is

Great Plains Publications publisher Gregg Shilliday and YA editor Anita Daher have acquired Canadian rights to a teen novel by Nelsa Roberto. Illegally Blonde is the story of what a rebellious Toronto teen does when her family is threatened with deportation to their native Portugal. Great Plains plans to publish in spring 2010. The deal was arranged by Kris Rothstein, an associate agent with the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency

I swear, I will never get tired of reading that. I'm a geek, I know.

Okay, the other cool thing was that I received my official author's questionnaire from the publisher. Holy cow, they ask a lot of questions. But even though I'm stressing to make sure I provide them with what they need and not have an author's bio that makes me sound like a total doofus it's still pretty cool that I'm even getting a chance to fill out an author's questionnaire! And that the publisher even cares what I think. Me. I'm stressed, and thrilled and feeling surreal, all at once.

Is this how I'm going to feel the rest of the year? I better start doing yoga...

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