Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well, after a spectacular start to April by being able to announce the sale of my YA book 'Illegally Blonde" to Great Plains Teen fiction and sharing my news with writer friends from the terrific Toronto Romance Writer's group (Maureen, thanks again for the shout out - you are amazing) and Verla Kay's Blueboarders (a friendlier group of children's and YA writers I don't think exists), the month continued to be fabulous with a family getaway to Montreal for the Easter weekend. Great weather, great city, great hotel, exploring the streets and shopping with your kids - what more could a girl want? It really has been a spectacular month so far. And even though all the excitement of the first couple of weeks kind of put a kibosh on much work being done on the WIP I did manage to eke out a few pages last week and I'm geared to work hard on it this coming week. I know that I'll have to because this is my month to accomplish a lot, according to my horoscope from Susan Miller. Check it out:

"A cornucopia of goodies will be coming your way in April, with upbeat developments in travel, career, money, romance, home and family. Your possibilities for progress will be impressive on all fronts in this highly productive, satisfying month. Wow! Do as much as you can this month, dear Capricorn, because from May 7-30 Mercury will be retrograde. Long story short: THIS will be your golden month, so be decisive and make your most important moves before you get to May.

Your career will be first to draw your attention. Watch what occurs on or in the four days surrounding the full moon April 9. A professional development should prove to be very heartening and possibly quite profitable, too. News should be just what you want to hear - your status in the company or in the industry could be on the rise. You may get a promotion or new position, and if so, more power and responsibility will be yours, too. If you are self-employed, you have an excellent opportunity to find new clients, and you may even have newsworthy achievements to report, triggering thrilling attention from the media.

This full moon of April 9 will receive friendly, golden beams from planet of luck, Jupiter... This full moon will also signal Neptune, allowing you to show off your creative talents as well. This seems like an ideal moment to move ahead rapidly in your career. Think of this full moon as reward for months, and possibly even years, of hard work

Okay, I know horoscopes are not a science but Susan Miller has been freakishly dead on with many predictions in the past. February, the month I got the news I sold, she also predicted good news for those Capricorns who worked in the publishing industry. I don't know, I'm thinking she must have some insider knowledge or something. In any case, I'm pretty sure May will be a grind - doing some revisions to Illegally Blonde I expect as well as day job related things. So, I'll have to enjoy April as much as I can, work on the WIP and get as much done as I can, get busy with much needed home repairs etc. Good thing the good weather has returned. Something about emerging from the Canadian winter hibernation makes us Canucks feel very rejuvenated!

So far, April has rocked! Bring on the sunshine!

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  1. Hi Nelsa, fellow TRW'er here. Just want to say congratulations on the sale of Illegally Blonde! I'll be watching your blog to see how it all goes. Good luck with the revisions!!

    Sharon Bernas