Monday, April 20, 2009

The Family Has Split Up

Relax. It's not as bad as the title sounds! The boys (hubby and son) are in Montreal. They went to cheer on the Canadians in the third game of the playoffs against the Boston Bruins. Unfortunately, the Habs lost but it was close for a while. The boys, I'm sure had a good time. They'll be coming home tomorrow.

The girls and I stayed home. Unfortunately, between schoolwork and me filling out my author's questionnaire, we didn't have as much fun as the boys. We would have loved to have gone to see 17 Again with Zac Efron (yes, I admit it. He looks totally cute in this movie) but the combination of all the work we had to do - which is why I'm typing this blog post at 12:45 in the morning) and the suddenly crummy weather here (rainy, windy and COLD again! Is there no justice??) has kept us home bound.

Have to say, answering all those questions quite wiped me out. Maybe it was to prepare me for the revision letter. Which is still. to. come. GAh.


  1. Nelsa!!! I have found you! Another blog to add to my google reader!!! Hurray! And thanks for my birthday wishes!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Ello! I know what you mean about adding blogs. It gets addictive and the more fabulous people I meet through writing the more problematic it becomes! Which is why I'm staying away from the Twitter. Dangerous.
    Have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy!!