Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Ode to Writer's Block

I love it when I don't have to think too much about writing a blog post. When Daughter One came home with a pile of poems that she wrote (and with perfect marks to boot) I was very pleased - and amazed - to find one that resonates with writers so easily. The dreaded writer's block. She gave me permission to share, so without further ado here is

Untitled - Sonnet
(I love the irony of a poem on writer's block that is called untitled!)

A never ending struggle for each word.
Plucked from the depths of confusion to see
the blinding light of day. Never been heard
for a reason. Recoiling they soon flee.

Ideas do not breed a masterpiece.
They writhe in agony, fighting for life
which cannot exist. Every thought a feast
that vultures scoop up, with no care for strife.

Every attempt is scrapped and incomplete.
Self-entombed by a message too complex.
Before it’s begun, all thought obsolete,
whatever remains will only perplex.

Time races by staring up at the clock.
Stricken by this plague that is Writers’ Block.


  1. Nelsa, this is fabulous. Big kudos to your daughter for articulating it so eloquently!

  2. She's already ahead of the game. A poem about writer's block...and it's fabulous.

    You should be proud (and it's obvious you are). Congrats to you and your daughter! :)


  3. Shari: On behalf of my daughter thank you! She's pretty amazing, I think.

  4. Hi Donna! Yes I'm very proud of her. Does it show? :)

  5. Wow- that's fantastic. She is very talented!

  6. Thanks, Blee Bonn - she's pretty amazing, I think. She wants to be a doctor - maybe she'll write a great literary medical story one day!