Monday, January 3, 2011

And 2011 Begins...

...with a slight case of exhaustion. Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a restful and joyous holiday with friends and family. In our clan this year it was a holiday of driving. Driving to see my family in Windsor, driving back to Toronto before driving to Ottawa for a hockey tournament and driving back to Toronto to drive my daughter to London to university. I have to say welcoming in 2011 was a low key affair for us because The Boy had a 7 a.m. hockey game (they got to the Finals) on New Year's Day. Yup. That meant up at 4:30 to check out of the hotel and get to the arena by 6. Unfortunately, the boys lost but came in second overall in 20 teams. And they got to play on NHL ice (Ottawa Senators arena) and see themselves on the jumbo-tron. Very cool.

I hope the rest of 2011 isn't so frantic, to tell you the truth. I am so happy I have today as a holiday because I seriously need to recover. Who knew I'd ever look forward to a day of laundry and vacuuming?? But I am in one place and not the van. I am heartily sick of that van and hockey arenas, let me tell you. And as for writing? I am feeling distinctly guilty for not doing one word on the wip. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions but I am determined to finish that wip. It's a good story. I can feel it. I think I'm just scared of messing it up - funny because one of the themes in the story is our fears and having to face them. Beyond that one goal, the only other thing I want to accomplish in 2011 is trying to get a little less stress in my life. Not sure how I'll accomplish that with a house renovation the big ticket item this year. However, that's what the start of a New Year is for, right? The fresh, idealism of hope!

Do you make any New Year's resolutions? Or are they more like guidelines, really?


  1. I'm sure you'll get back to that wip soon! We all need a bit of rest - a brain break- at times.

  2. Hi Laura: Thanks, Laura. I'm determined to finish it. I agree that a break is best sometimes. Sometimes you need to ponder the book for a while in your mind before banging out the words on the keyboard. Hope your 2011 is wonderful!

  3. Wow. It takes some doing to make laundry and vacuuming look good. ;)

    I don't do resolutions, but I like your goals. And I know you'll achieve them. :)

  4. Hi Linda! Happy New Year! Yup, I've actually enjoyed cleaning up today. 2011 may very well be a year full of surprising revelations!

  5. January is possibly the only month of the year where I do like cleaning. I feel the need to get the decorations down and put away, get organized and start the year with a clean slate.

    I haven't written a word/revised a whip since the day before Thanksgiving! It's crazy here for the holidays...and I have a lot of Dec. birthdays, ending with my husband's on Jan. 1st. So, I relate. Tomorrow that changes. This week has been abut cleaning, late last night I got a blog post up (finally), today I'm (finally) getting around and visiting everyone's blogs, trying to catch up.
    Tomorrow I write.
    (of course all the WiPs have gone it's like going back to the gym after being away so long, out of shape...which, BTW, is also on my agenda for this week. Because I haven't worked out since T-giving either. *sigh*)

    Happy New Year/2011, Nelsa! Here's to making the magic happen. *cheers*


  6. Hey, Lola! Thanks for commenting - you've made me feel a little less alone in the overwhelmingness of the holidays, the post-holiday stress and the guilt over not working on our WIP's. I love the writing club - everyone 'gets' it!