Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Message for Old Man Winter

Okay, I've had it Winter. You win. I admit defeat. Day after day of cold, wind, snow and slush has ground me down. Thing is, I'd leave if I could. Fly off to some sunny, warm clime for a week and bask on a beach with a book and a gin and tonic. But between hockey, work and a renovation that is about to begin any day now (please God)I am trapped. And still weeks left of you, old man. Weeks!

So when my dearest and oldest friend sent me an email the other day suggesting she's had enough of you too, old dude, that we need a quick girl's getaway in February - nothing extravagant, just a couple of days in a hotel, shopping, maybe watching a movie, having a nice dinner, massages/facials/whatever makes us feel good - I was ready to say "YES! Get me away from this cold, hard tyrant now!"

But then I started thinking of all my responsibilities here with the kids and their schedules, how busy my husband is already between work and the reno, the cost, the guilt of leaving them ... oi. I always end up thinking of all the cons instead of just concentrating on the pros. And you, old man, don't make it any easier. Things always seem ten times harder when it's winter than summer.

But, you know what? I haven't completely given up hope, you old bugger. You haven't beaten me yet. I know I have to put up with you but you've only beaten me if my attitude lets you beat me. So when a lifeline is thrown out in a choppy sea and I'm about to drown do I let it float away from me? No sir. Even if I'm only pulled into a lifeboat for a couple of days, it will be enough to make me last the rest of your regime out. Because I know, eventually, like all tyrants you will be defeated! Spring is around the corner. I just need a reprieve for a short time.

Now, if I can just ignore the guilt like I can a snow-covered driveway...


  1. Sounds like a fun time! Enjoy it. And January is almost over. That means spring is on its way. Kinda. :)

  2. It's been an incredibly harsh, snowy winter -- can't remember being this cold in...forever. But I'm with ya: attitude is key. The girls' getaway sounds great; maybe you should go. We girls always put everyone else first. If your family is like mine, hubs and the kids will be fine. They'll probably encourage you to go.

    Either way, hang in there. Spring is coming!

    Have a fab day :))

  3. Hey, Laura: I'm beating down the guilt with a stick so I can go. Spring is around the corner but there's a few blocks to get there yet!

    Hi Nicole: I agree - it's been one of the worst winters for a long time. And you are right - everyone else always comes first. I'd just feel better if my husband did a guy's golf getaway too so I wouldn't feel so guilty!

  4. A weekend in Florida would do it??

  5. Hi Brenda! Oh, don't I wish for a weekend in Florida. We'd still be in the cold in London here - but a weekend of shopping and movies could make me forget (sort of) that an ocean of white surrounds us rather than an ocean of blue!

  6. Sunny, warm clime? Beaches, books, and cocktails? Count me in!

    I'm about to go out and continue shoveling the sidewalk. I'm ready to wave the white flag at Old Man Winter.

  7. Hi Linda: Oi, I feel for your poor back. I swear one day we will all meet up in Florida for a writer's retreat!