Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Look

So have you noticed I changed my blog template? I'd had the old blue/grey background with the picture of a range of blue mountain vistas up for a while and this weekend I felt the need to change it up. I went through tons of template designs. Tried black backgrounds with bursting stars, abstract neon colours and shapes but finally I settled on this picture of a green, summer time field of grass and flowers. I immediately felt soothed by it. Even my daughter said, "Yeah, Mom. That one is more you."

Why do some things seem more "you" I wonder? I do love the color green but what about this particular background seemed to fit me better than a rainbow of colours and swirling shapes? Part of it is my love of spring, summer and sunshine and being sick of winter right now. But I think I'm drawn to images that invoke a peaceful, calming, centred view of the world. Partly because my life is more than usually chaotic but also because I strive for that peacefulness. I may not achieve it but I do strive! Why not just choose a white background then? Keep it plain and simple - how much more peaceful can you get than that? I guess I just need a little bit of colour in my life too. And right now, with a big winter storm coming on Wednesday I need to see some green somewhere in my life!

How about you? What made you choose the backgrounds you have on your blogs?


  1. I like it! Nice to see a touch of spring. :)

  2. Thanks, Linda. With a huge snowstorm about to descend on us I need to see some spring!

  3. It's nice to have a change sometimes, and I think it's important for your blog to reflect your personality. I like the spring-like feel!

  4. I like the the spring colors, the feel of the prairies that you have. Stay warm, winter hit us again, too. It was -31--without the windchill!

    Added you to my to read list. Um, your book, I mean!

  5. Lovely, very soothing. My blog has a picture of an old leather chair, because I can just imagine curling up in it to read. I don't like blogs with fit-inducing swirly patterns or something like black writing on a red background, they hurt my head. I have to read them on Google Reader.

    Haha and most apt word verification ever: grumblog :) I think that needs to be a word.

  6. Hi Andrea! Thanks for dropping by. With this huge snowstorm I'm glad I put up a spring picture!

    Hi Deb: Thanks so much for adding Illegally Blonde to your read list. I hope you enjoy it! And you Western Canadian's have my complete and utter respect. Minus 31??? Holy longjohns Batman! Keep warm, Deb!

    Hi Girl Friday: I love leather chairs! (see me sitting in mine in my About Me pic?)I'm with you on the head hurting graphics. I don't see my word verifications so thanks for letting me know. I love "Grumblog"!

  7. Oh very nice! Since we're in the middle of a storm right now, a bit of green is very welcome. :-)

  8. Green is my favorite color and I wear it any chance I get. I love the color of your background.

    My blog background is parchment. It says: "This woman is a stickler for hanging onto what is familiar."

    When it comes to blog backgrounds, I never venture far from my comfort zone.

  9. Hi Anna: I think you've gotten more snow in the eastern states than we've had here in Canada! Groundhog predictions all say we're going to see Spring soon - hang on!

    Hi Mary: I'm pretty much a stickler to tried and true as well, Mary. Changing a blog background is exhausting for me! :)